The New River

OK, show of hands…how many of you have tried white water rafting?  It has been quite awhile for me but I had a blast and hope to give it another shot before this summer is over (lucky for me I have a friend who is a river guide ;)).  When I was about 12 we took a family white water rafting trip on The New River in West Virginia.  There are a number of different tour companies you can hitch a ride with and to be honest I don’t remember which one we used.  (more…)

Buffalo Springs Horse Farm

While out visiting my boyfriend’s family this 4th of July, we decided we wanted to go horseback riding.  A quick online search lead us to Buffalo Springs Horse Farm.  They offer trail rides on their property as well as at nearby Cordorus State Park.  We went for a ride on their property and it was great!  Parts of the property are rolling open fields and other areas are heavily wooded.  (more…)