Artesa Vineyards and Winery was a recommendation from friends of my parents.  A great recommendation on their part.  The view from this vineyard is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!  Not only is the view beautiful but so is the winery itself.  And of course this was the one stop we made where I forgot my camera back at the house.  I was able to take a few mediocre shots with my phone.  Oh well, I plan on making another trip there some day.

Not only was the view spectacular but the wine was delicious.  There wasn’t a single glass I didn’t like.  We opted for the cheese tasting tour.  Our guide through the winery, cheese, and wine was Jen.  She was very knowledgeable and has a personal hand in the selection of cheese and wine parings.  We got a tour of the winery itself and were taken down to see the fermentation and barrel rooms. As we walked we sipped on sparkling wine which is what the vineyard was initially created for.  We then moved to our cheese and wine tasting.  There were six different wines, 2 whites and 4 reds paired with goat, cow, and sheep’s milk cheeses.  Everything was wonderful.

What I didn’t realize going in to this place is that it originates from a Spanish family, who still have their vineyard outside of Barcelona….which of course I will have to now make sure to add to my list of places to travel.  I LOVE Spanish wines and Artesa’s are no exception.  Especially when we reached the Tempranillo.  Yum!