Staycation in Ohio

As much as I love to travel the country and the world (and long to move to a warmer climate) there are so many different things to enjoy in Ohio. It is beyond time for the flyover mentality to be extinguished. Ohio has everything from lakes and rivers to mountains and prairie land to the 15th largest city in the country and tiny towns of less than 1000. (more…)

NeatPack Review

Serendipity is a beautiful thing. I happened to be in the market for a new toiletry travel bag when I came across NeatPack and learned they were looking for brand ambassadors. They sent me their compact hanging toiletry bag just in time for me to take it for a spin this past holiday weekend! (more…)


What better day to take steps towards redeeming myself for neglecting my nearest National Park than the National Park Services’ 100th Birthday?! On our last trip to Cuyahoga National Park, if I’m honest, I felt like we had hit all of the high points and there wasn’t any rush to get back. As nice as the idea was to revisit and explore, I just didn’t have a sense of urgency. That was horribly wrong of me! (more…)


We have a tendency to neglect those people and places closest to us. I am embarrassed to admit I have long-neglected to get to know my nearest National Park, Cuyahoga Valley. I’ll in part blame growing up about as far away as you can get within the State of Ohio, Cincinnati to Cleveland, but the park also doesn’t receive the recognition or notoriety that many of the other 59 Parks receive. It doesn’t have the vibrant rock and vaulted walls of Zion or see the sunrise first like Acadia or have unique Joshua Trees as you’ll find in, well…Joshua Tree. Cuyahoga Valley National Park is also worthy of your visit! I promise. (more…)

Mother’s Day Traditions

This year we decided to try something besides the normal Mother’s Day brunch. My Mom’s bestie, Gail, has a family home in Naples, Florida. Not one of those crazy McMansions but a wonderfully comfortable home base for relaxation and tons of beach time. The three of us were in need of some strict R&R. The timing was perfect! (more…)