After starting with Washington, DC, I was planning on only moving an hour away to Baltimore, Maryland. I’ve decided that will have to wait since I just watched my DVR-ed Anthony Bourdain No Reservations episode on Brittany, France. I have not been here but it is now on my list of places to go, so that means everything you read here comes from my internet browsing and the No Reservations episode.

Brittany is a region of France on the northwestern peninsula of the country. Because of its location, the temperatures remain fairly comfortable year-round and it looks to be an incredibly picturesque place. There is lush, green foliage, rolling hills, and magnificent seaside cliffs. The architecture stretches across centuries. Just the place for history buffs and romantics alike. Supposedly, not many American’s travel here, I am trying to deduce if that is because it is not a well-known location or if it is a language barrier. Likely, it’s a little bit of both. French is of course the official language but Brittany still maintains two regional languages, Breton and Gallo.

Here are some things I have come across to do and see in Brittany: the grand aquarium in Saint-Malo (Saint-Malo is the port city that links France and England), Fort National also in Saint-Malo, Musee de Prehistoire in Carnac, the ancient ruins of Menhirs, Carnac. There are islands and forests, theme and amusement parks, historic towns and villages, castles, lighthouses, spas, religious sites, water sports, and golf courses. Something interesting to possibly give a try is thalassotherapy, or seawater therapy. It’s believed that this practice was started in Brittany during the 19th century and that the minerals in the sea water have benefits to your immune and endocrine systems as well as your metabolism; and properties that help with skin allergies, relaxation, and anti-inflammation.

The food looks as good as the scenery. Being a coastal location, you can find fresh seafood at every turn. Oysters are what the region is best known for and there are over a dozen varieties to try as each farming area has its own technique for both flat and rock oysters. There are very few vineyards in Brittany, instead the region is known for its cider. Rumor has it you will not be able to find crepes better than the ones you will enjoy in Brittany. Here are some of Anthony Bourdain’s top pics as seen on the show: Boutique de Pont-Aven (if you are a fan of sardines, it seems this is a place you can’t miss!), Restaurant Oradukai, Ty Billig Creperie (for those crepes I mentioned), Cidrerie Goalabre, and both Chez Jacky and Le Bistrot de L’Ecailler for all the yummy seafood. You can find a more detailed listing of the places he visited on his guide to Brittany on the Travel Channel’s website.

If anyone has traveled here please share your experience!