While out visiting my boyfriend’s family this 4th of July, we decided we wanted to go horseback riding.  A quick online search lead us to Buffalo Springs Horse Farm.  They offer trail rides on their property as well as at nearby Cordorus State Park.  We went for a ride on their property and it was great!  Parts of the property are rolling open fields and other areas are heavily wooded.  No matter what section of the trail we were on, the scenery was quiet and beautiful.  The group we were with was a nice size of 7 riders plus the trail guide.  The horses themselves were well trained to follow the horse in front of them but also were responsive to us riders when we needed them to take an alternate path.  What stood out to me the most was how healthy the horses were.  Too many trail riding companies do not keep their horses as well fed or cleaned as they deserve.  Three cheers for Buffalo Springs Horse Farm!  Next time I’ll try out their ride through the park.  🙂