It was UnBELIZEable

Part 2 of 3 — Part 1 can be found here:

Our first port of call was Belize City, Belize where everything is unbelizeable (seriously, you will hear that all over the place when you visit).  Belize was not what I expected.  The few people I knew who had traveled to Belize spent their time in another part of the country. I clearly did not do my research ahead of time because I had no idea that such a small country could have such diverse ecosystems.  The area around Belize City is more like a desert as opposed to the tropical rainforest I was anticipating. (more…)

Mexico & Belize Cruise

Part 1 of 3

I added another cruise notch to my belt!  As I was searching all of the travel deals I could find on warm destinations, I stumbled on a great cruise deal through Royal Caribbean and a well-timed, well-priced flight through Southwest Airlines.  Finally we could escape the unusually harsh, long winter! (more…)

Toledo, Spain

When I was between my junior and senior years of high school I went on a trip to Europe which included a brief stop in Toledo, Spain (it is not pronounced like the city in Ohio, the “e” has a hard “a” sound).  Centrally located in the country not far from the capital city of Madrid, this was easily my favorite place of the trip.  (more…)