On our last trip out to San Francisco we were advised by a local to skip Scoma’s and try a place in Sausalito called Angelino’s (see my previous post where I briefly touch on both http://thezestytraveler.com/from-the-road-san-fran-food.html).  While that was a very wise and much enjoyed suggestion, we decided to give Scoma’s a chance on our most recent visit.  There are two locations and we parked ourselves at the one on the Wharf in San Francisco.  The other location is across the bay in Sausalito (across the street from Angelino’s) with a stunning view of San Francisco.

The food was excellent.  Tons of seafood which was just what my landlocked Midwestern self was craving.  My mom and I each devoured a dungeness crab that came from Half Moon Bay just a few hours south of San Fran.  They were steamed in butter, garlic, and lemon.  The meat was so tender and sweet, delicious!  As a table we enjoyed a variety of oysters prepared a variety of ways…raw, Rockefeller, and fried.  Yum!

Our server, Chris, was a riot.  Fantastic and sarcastic personality.  He made dinner very entertaining.  I remember he also made excellent suggestions for desert but quite frankly the crab was so good that it’s all I can really think about.

All in all, I would say a stop at Scoma’s, tourist trap or not, is worth it.  However, if you have the time for two amazing (albeit pricy) meals, definitely put Angelino’s on your list too.