50 in Fifty

  • Percentage of States Visited 66%

Growing up it was important to my parents that we take a week long family vacation each summer.  Nothing extravagant and always road trips. They also frequently involved a learning experience for my brother and me; whether it was a visit to a Civil War battlefield or the Smithsonian.  I don’t recall when the travel bug bit me, I was too young to realize what was happening, or perhaps I was just born with the bug.  Several years ago with said bug firmly entrenched in my DNA, I decided my goal is to make it to all 50 States by the time I am 50.

Follow along as I aim to visit all 50 States by the time I’m fifty years old!

States I have visited thus far are in green.

Rose Parade 2016 Find Your Adventure

So, Mommy Zesty turned 60 this year! One thing that always sticks in my mind about my Mom is that she loves the Rose Parade. It is the one thing she makes sure she sits down to watch every year, and she isn't big on TV. You have to understand that my Mom is one of the...
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Staycation in Ohio

As much as I love to travel the country and the world (and long to move to a warmer climate) there are so many different things to enjoy in Ohio. It is beyond time for the flyover mentality to be extinguished. Ohio has everything from lakes and rivers to mountains and...
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Follow on Twitter!

I am tweeting each of our 50 States to see what they would suggest someone do if they only have 24 hours to spend in their wonderful State. Certainly a tall order to fill, but I anticipate and look forward to some interesting suggestions. Please follow along and...
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Not so Bright and Early

Bright and early on a recent Saturday morning, my aunt and I boarded a plane for West Palm Beach, Florida. Ok, so maybe it wasn't so bright but that's only because it was so early! 4am to be specific. It's tough extracting yourself from bed when the sun hasn't even...
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Venturing across the Ohio River into Kentucky (go ahead and get any jokes out of the way now).  If you love horses, cars, and nature then this is the State for you. Kentucky is famously home to both Churchill Downs, where the Kentucky Derby is held each year, and the...
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Deadline to 50