As much as I love to travel the country and the world (and long to move to a warmer climate) there are so many different things to enjoy in Ohio. It is beyond time for the flyover mentality to be extinguished. Ohio has everything from lakes and rivers to mountains and prairie land to the 15th largest city in the country and tiny towns of less than 1000.

Full disclosure:  we weren’t really on vacation last week. In fact, we were both really busy with our various pursuits, but we managed to fit in a lot of fun too!

Last week started with Labor Day and we were visiting my family in Cincinnati, so there was a pinch of travel involved. We’re so used to making the two hour trip though that it doesn’t feel like traveling. Sunday evening we went to one of my favorite events of the year, the WEBN fireworks. I went all the time as a kid and haven’t missed too many years even as an adult. We found an awesome new spot this year that I selfishly don’t want to give away, but if you ask nicely I might give a hint! I’ve watched them from the Serpentine Wall (I recommend you do that at least once but it gets insanely crowded), local office rooftops, and from the Embassy Suites in Covington, Kentucky. My absolute favorite part is the waterfall of fireworks that they do off of one of two bridges, sometimes both! It’s so pretty!

We also had some down time to swim in my parents pool Sunday afternoon and Monday. Sorry that can’t be on your personal itinerary, but you could swim in the hotel pool or find a home rental with a pool. Maybe a place with a built in view of the Labor Day fireworks while you’re at it! Meli got in what will likely, sadly be her last swim of the summer. She absolutely loves to swim and doesn’t know when to stop, lol! It tires her out and is great exercise for all of us. We also celebrated one of my favorite people’s birthday’s, my Uncle. 🙂

Work kicked back in on Tuesday and I chilled out with a yoga class that evening. Class is especially appreciated when the first day back after a long weekend feels just like a Monday! Fast forward to Wednesday evening when our favorite local distillery FINALLY re-opened after an extensive expansion and remodel, Middle West Spirits. Worth the wait though as the work they’ve done is absolutely stunning! Wednesday evening was the friends and family party with yummy food from their soon to open restaurant, courtesy of Chef Avishar Barua. He also was one of the chef’s who participated in the recent James Beard Celebrity Chef tour event here in Columbus, Ohio. Great, now I’m drooling on myself while reminiscing…

Thursday and Friday were filled with work, work, and more work. We have to keep a roof over our heads somehow, right? 🙂 Saturday we ventured out to The Alley, Vintage and Costumes to find accessories for our evening festivities. They REALLY know their stuff when it comes to period attire and accessories. We had only learned a few days earlier that this event existed and I can’t wait to go back next year with lots of our friends. A Gatsby themed party!!! Held at Green Lawn Abbey, a historic mausoleum in need of renovation and repair, the event is a fundraiser. Cocktails, finger foods, and jazz music for all to enjoy. Each year is slightly different we hear. This year we were able to sample absinthe from a new local distillery, 451 Spirits, that we’re anxious to get to know better. A very generous man also brought his historic car as a center piece and allowed everyone to climb in for pictures. The 20s fascinate me and I’m a car junky so I was in heaven!

Sunday was a complete chill day and we went to our favorite trail in Prairie Oaks Metro Park where Meli can play in Big Darby Creek. Along the trail we found pawpaw fruits growing, a difficult task, and Buckeye trees propagating their poisonous nuts. A good day for indigenous flora. A wonderful week full of awesome memories. Ohio is pretty great. 🙂