Meli's Adventures

Hello everyone! My name is Meli, Meli Fuzzbottom, and I have recently moved into The Zesty Traveler’s home. I hear that I am a little over eight weeks old now and am something known as a Golden Retriever, though I’m not really sure what any of that means. My favorite things to do are eat, sleep, and play with whatever I can get my paws on! Mom tells me it is like having an infant and a toddler at the same time…I think that’s a good thing?

My first adventure was leaving my siblings a few days ago. The ride with my new Mom and Dad took forever and I couldn’t wait to get into an open space and run around. Thankfully they showed me to my new yard right away and I took full advantage to stretch my legs and explore every corner. Since then I’ve made sure to monopolize as much of Mom and Dad’s time as possible, and met some people called grandparents.

Since Dad is a photographer, I had a photo shoot last night and am told there will be more of those in my future. It wasn’t so bad because I got lots and lots of treats!

Stay tuned, I hear there are many more adventures in my future.

Meeting the Family

Its been a little while but typing with paws is tricky so I tend to avoid it when I can use them to gnaw on a stick instead! Mom and Dad keep taking the sticks away from me though so here I am. The trip to DC was a whirl wind, but less than two weeks later we were...

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Meli Goes to DC

By the time I was 3 months old, I already traveled through 4 States and our Nation's Capitol! Mom and Dad wanted to go to DC to support their photographer friend from Hawaii, Bruce Omori of Extreme Exposure. He won a place in the Nature's Best Photography Exhibition...

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