Its been a little while but typing with paws is tricky so I tend to avoid it when I can use them to gnaw on a stick instead! Mom and Dad keep taking the sticks away from me though so here I am.

The trip to DC was a whirl wind, but less than two weeks later we were back on the road again towards the east coast for Thanksgiving. Turns out my Dads family lives out that way in places called Pennsylvania and Maryland. Once again I slept almost the whole way there. Its pretty comfy actually. Though I would prefer hanging out up front with Mom and Dad! I certainly never miss a meal though so I had fast food.

So many people were so excited to meet me and that was just fine because I was equally as excited even if a tiny bit apprehensive. The sleeping arrangements were a little less desirable because they were afraid I might have an accident. The next day though, was Thanksgiving Day and we went over to my great grandparents for dinner #1 at 11am! I met my other grandparents and aunts, uncles, cousins. It was pretty tiresome so I took a nap by Auntie Paige’s feet while my human cousin, Emma, took a nap too.

After all that excitement we went back to our hostel (Dads cousin’s house) for the trip to have Thanksgiving dinner #2 with the other side of the family. They’re fun too! My Uncle Jeff wanted to sneak me turkey but my parents said no. Party poopers! It smelled delicious! I hear I may get a few bites when Thanksgiving rolls around next time though so Ill hold out hope.

I spent the next day with my Dads cousins. They played with me and snuggled and even took me for a walk in the park! It was so much fun! We had a bit more down time before we hit the road back home. I found a really cool ball that was almost as big as me. It was great fun to run around the yard with it!

We’ve made several trips back since my first visit. I get really excited to see everyone and cant wait to see what fun our next visit has in store. ?