Not so Bright and Early

Bright and early on a recent Saturday morning, my aunt and I boarded a plane for West Palm Beach, Florida. Ok, so maybe it wasn’t so bright but that’s only because it was so early! 4am to be specific. It’s tough extracting yourself from bed when the sun hasn’t even plucked itself over the horizon yet. The promise of waves crashing on the shore was a pretty darn good motivator, as was the knowledge I would soon get to see my other aunt, uncle, and cousins who call Florida home these days. (more…)


Growing up in Southwestern Ohio, it seemed like a nearly weekly occurrence to venture into a neighboring State.  It blew my mind when I moved to the middle of the State and met people who hadn’t crossed the State border until much later in life or not at all in some cases.  I also finally understood why so many people said Ohio is flat and nothing but corn fields!   (more…)

Port Angeles, Washington (part 1 of …6?)

We stayed in Port Angeles for our visit to the Olympic Peninsula.  I highly recommend staying in town here if you are going to want to dine out and do any shopping.  You can also hop the ferry to Victoria, Canada for a plethora of other activities to explore.  Don’t forget your passport or National ID card! (more…)

Columbia Gorge Hotel

A beautiful historic hotel built on a cliff overlooking the Columbia River; Columbia Gorge Hotel in Hood River, Oregon.  This is a great hotel for a romantic getaway but I wouldn’t recommend it for a family trip unless your children are older.  The hotel has manicured lawns, sculpted gardens, and it’s own waterfall (named the Wah Gwin Gwin falls and is 208 feet tall).  I do have to say there are a few tiny details that I thought should be looked into but none that would keep me from staying here again the next time I’m in the area.  (more…)

Royal Sea Cliff – Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

On the Big Island we stayed in the resort area of Kona (aka Kailua, Kailua-Kona).  We opted for condo accommodations given the expense of…well everything on the island.  It was nice to have a kitchen to cook and warm up left overs.   We booked through Delta Vacations which I don’t know that I can recommend wholeheartedly.  But I can recommend staying in the Royal Sea Cliff condos. (more…)