Hiker’s Haven

On our trip to Bar Harbor, ME (pronounced Ba Ha-baa by the locals) we scoured the web for a cozy cottage and stumbled upon Hiker’s Haven.  Owned and managed by Alan and Lucia Chapman, this little hideaway quickly became our home away from home.  The cabin is about 7 years old already but is kept in such great condition that you’d swear you were the first person to stay.  (more…)

Radisson Hotel Melbourne, FL

Recently we went to Melbourne, Florida and stayed in the Radisson.  A good friend of mine was having her wedding there.  I have great things to say about the Radisson.  To start the staff was friendly and helpful, the entrance and reception area were bright and clean.  Every room has not only an ocean view but a surprisingly spacious balcony too!  (more…)

Las Vegas – Planet Hollywood

For our last night in Las Vegas we stayed at the Planet Hollywood hotel and it was fantastic!  I have to admit I had a preconceived notion of what to expect given the reputation of the Planet Hollywood restaurant chain, but I couldn’t have been more wrong.  Naturally the decor is over the top, it is Vegas after all, but it’s contemporary and exquisitely done.  (more…)

Las Vegas – Riviera

In 2008 we went to Las Vegas just after Thanksgiving.  Our first two nights we stayed at the Riviera.  The rooms had been recently renovated so they were running special room rates to get folks to come check out what they had accomplished.  The rooms were clean and nice, but for the time and money it didn’t seem they were quite as polished as they should have been.  (more…)

Zion National Park-Pioneer Lodge

We took a trip out to visit Zion National Park for an extended weekend over Labor Day and it took my breath away just as much as it had on my first visit.  I have my pictures from the last trip that I look at from time to time but even with those memories it doesn’t hold a candle to seeing the raw beauty with your naked eye. (more…)