NeatPack Review

Serendipity is a beautiful thing. I happened to be in the market for a new toiletry travel bag when I came across NeatPack and learned they were looking for brand ambassadors. They sent me their compact hanging toiletry bag just in time for me to take it for a spin this past holiday weekend! (more…)

Top 10 Pet Peeves of Air Travel

1. THAT GUY  You know the one. He talks on his phone loudly enough for the entire terminal to hear every word. Completely self absorbed in his conversation (usually work related – I bet his company loves their business shouted for all to hear) so much so that he doesn’t notice the dirty looks and snide comments from his fellow travelers. Or maybe his ego is just too big to care. (more…)

New England – trip planning

We were planning on heading to a beach for our next vacation but randomly decided to switch gears and head up to New England to catch the end of the fall foliage.  So we’ll be arriving just after peak tourist season ends (right after Columbus Day).  Our plan is to fly into Boston, MA because we can get a direct flight that will only be about two hours long.  Two thumbs way up for short, direct flights!  Our flight lands early so we are going to pick up a rental car and take our time making our way out of the city and up I-95 towards our final destination of Bar Harbor, ME and Acadia National Park. (more…)


All of our family vacations involved a road trip.  We didn’t fly for a vacation until I was somewhere in my teens.  And these days it is still more cost effective (in most situations) than hopping on a plane.  So what have I taken away from my many automotive adventures?  ….That I have a really hard time staying awake as a passenger, lol! (more…)

Packing tips – Carry On

As times change so have the ways I pack.  It used to be I tried to pack so that I could carry on everything I needed and avoid checking bags.  I was hoping to cut down on time by not having to wait in baggage claim and also to avoid the dreaded lost luggage situation.  These days though, while both of those are still concerns and even with the advent of charging per bag, I now prefer to do just the opposite.  (more…)