1. THAT GUY  You know the one. He talks on his phone loudly enough for the entire terminal to hear every word. Completely self absorbed in his conversation (usually work related – I bet his company loves their business shouted for all to hear) so much so that he doesn’t notice the dirty looks and snide comments from his fellow travelers. Or maybe his ego is just too big to care.

2. THAT OTHER GUY  You’re traveling alone and actually enjoying the solitude while you catch up on your favorite book. The guy sitting next to you and also traveling alone wants to be friendly, but doesn’t pick up on your polite hints to leave you alone after the casual pleasantries have been exchanged. He will ensure he carries on a conversation with you from gate to gate.

3. PRODUCT QUEEN  The woman in line ahead of you through security who must think she is JLo and therefore the 3oz., one quart sized baggie of toiletries rule doesn’t apply to her. And so you watch, with your bag stuck in the scanner,  as the TSA agent holds up each bottle trying to determine which are empty enough to be acceptable and which products the JLo wanna be will have to sacrifice. Pass the popcorn.

4. ALOOF PARENTS  You think ‘oh good, at least the child behind me is old enough to stay reasonably entertained for the duration of the flight’. You feel a couple of kicks to the back of your seat, but think no big deal these things happen and the parent will step in if it continues. Only the parent never does! And your seat is kicked for the entirety of the flight until the little tyke passes out just as the pilot announces the flight attendants should prepare for landing.

5. THE BLOCKERS  Those people who randomly stop in the middle of everything to have a conversation with each other or look up something on their phone. Only they’ve stopped at such a place that it looks like they are at the end of the line you want to be in to grab a snack or go to the restroom. After standing there for a little while without progress, you realize the line has moved along without you, and the people in front of you have been in their own world with no intention of partaking in whatever that line holds.

6. THE FLOATERS  The random airline employees who walk around looking all official. You aren’t really sure what they do, but they just directed you into the line other here as if they know what you’re looking to do, only to find out that you actually need to be in that line over there. Thanks for all of your “help”!

7. ELECTRONICS GEEK  There is nothing wrong with keeping yourself occupied while on a flight or getting some work done, but there is almost always that one person who tests the patience of the flight attendants by needing to be told multiple times to “please put away ALL electronic devices” until it is otherwise safe to take them out again.

8. SPEEDY  Hey there! Slow down and wait your turn like everyone else. You have a connecting flight to catch? So do half of the other people you just muscled your way through to get down the aisle onto the gangway.

9. LUGGAGE BOUNCER  You staked out your prime section of baggage claim and the next thing you know, the luggage bouncer pushes his or her way through the crowd to stand right in front of you. It gets even better when your luggage arrives first and the person doesn’t want to move out of your way. Bonus points if the Bouncer used one of their kids to run up so that they just had to chase after him/her.

10. THE RECLINER  A hotly debated topic. There is a time and place for reclining your seat such as a longer flight or one that is late at night or early in the morning. Reclining your seat just after the flight attendants have provided beverage service and you know the tray table of the person behind you is not in it’s “upright and locked position” is NOT the time.