It was UnBELIZEable

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Our first port of call was Belize City, Belize where everything is unbelizeable (seriously, you will hear that all over the place when you visit).  Belize was not what I expected.  The few people I knew who had traveled to Belize spent their time in another part of the country. I clearly did not do my research ahead of time because I had no idea that such a small country could have such diverse ecosystems.  The area around Belize City is more like a desert as opposed to the tropical rainforest I was anticipating. (more…)

Mexico & Belize Cruise

Part 1 of 3

I added another cruise notch to my belt!  As I was searching all of the travel deals I could find on warm destinations, I stumbled on a great cruise deal through Royal Caribbean and a well-timed, well-priced flight through Southwest Airlines.  Finally we could escape the unusually harsh, long winter! (more…)

Toledo, Spain

When I was between my junior and senior years of high school I went on a trip to Europe which included a brief stop in Toledo, Spain (it is not pronounced like the city in Ohio, the “e” has a hard “a” sound).  Centrally located in the country not far from the capital city of Madrid, this was easily my favorite place of the trip.  (more…)

St Maarten

St Maarten is an island nation ruled by the Netherlands (to the South) and France (to the North).  I’ve only had the occasion to visit this island as a cruise stop so far but this is an island I have on my list to visit for a longer stay.  When visiting as a port of call on a cruise you will find yourself in Philipsburg, the largest city on the Dutch (Netherlands) side.  (more…)