Iceland Geothermal Pools

Along with a visit to the horses, the other attraction I am interested in checking out is the hot springs and pools littering the country of Iceland.  Iceland is a teeny island with a ton of volcanoes, about 130 and more than one of those 130 are active.  Consequently, there is a lot of geothermal activity close to the earth’s surface that can be enjoyed in the form of hot pools, springs, and geysers.  (more…)

Icelandic Horseback Riding

My boyfriend is preparing to embark on a 16 day photography excursion to Iceland, so I thought I would use his trip as my latest muse…and since today is Derby day, might as well start with Icelandic horses.  While he won’t be testing out this adventure on this trip, its something we’ll likely take advantage of on another trip. (more…)

Dunns River Falls

Ocho Rios, Jamaica is a popular port for cruise ships and nearby Dunns River Falls is one of the most popular attractions.  Dunns River Falls is accessible to the public whether you are visiting from a cruise ship, a nearby resort, or a family member.  Not only do you get to see this beautiful natural phenomenon (it constantly regenerates itself and dumps directly in to the ocean) but you also have the opportunity to climb it for an even closer look.  (more…)

Grand Cayman – Stingray City

Out of the islands in the Caribbean I have visited, Grand Cayman is one of my favorites. I have been to the island twice, both times as a port of call on cruises, and both times I have ventured out to Stingray City. A lot of people are fearful of these graceful creatures. To be fair they do have that unpleasant poisonous barb on their tail, but this barb is only dangerous if the ray you are near is feeling threatened. (more…)

Vancouver, BC Canada

Thanks to the Olympics, it seems only appropriate that Vancouver be the next topic of choice.  To be honest this is one of those places that has always been in the back of my mind as a place I’d like to visit, but I don’t know much more about it other than it seems like a beautifully enchanting place.  Nor is it one of those places that immediately jumps to mind when someone asks for places I’d like to go for vacation.  (more…)

Brittany, France

After starting with Washington, DC, I was planning on only moving an hour away to Baltimore, Maryland. I’ve decided that will have to wait since I just watched my DVR-ed Anthony Bourdain No Reservations episode on Brittany, France. I have not been here but it is now on my list of places to go, so that means everything you read here comes from my internet browsing and the No Reservations episode. (more…)