Along with a visit to the horses, the other attraction I am interested in checking out is the hot springs and pools littering the country of Iceland.  Iceland is a teeny island with a ton of volcanoes, about 130 and more than one of those 130 are active.  Consequently, there is a lot of geothermal activity close to the earth’s surface that can be enjoyed in the form of hot pools, springs, and geysers.  There are so many natural pools and man-made pools (using the famous water) that swimming is taught in schools and Icelanders are required by law to learn to swim.

The Blue Lagoon is the most well known of the pools.  Since it is such an attraction for both tourists and locals alike, someone had the brilliant idea to open a spa on it’s shore.  Might need to twist my arm to visit that one….(that would be sarcasm, dear reader)  There are other wellness spas that appear to be worth checking out as well and possibly draw my attention more as they are less well known and likely to have a more personal atmosphere.

There are other pools and springs to visit simply for their visual beauty.  Some companies offer combination tours that will allow me to take advantage of combing both horses and hot springs.  Something important to be cognizant of is that not all the pools are safe for swimming, keep an eye out for signage.  I recommend doing some research online before you go and even beyond that ask around to the locals upon your arrival.

Don’t forget your water wings! lol