Airport Security

It’s the annoying part of travel we all like to push to the back of our minds until it comes time to pack…airport security.  I’m going to leave out my personal thoughts and feelings on the subject and focus on how to help you work with the TSA agents to get you through and on to your flight as smoothly as possible. (more…)

Zion National Park – Know before you Go

It is different to travel through Zion National Park during the high season than the off season.  That sounds like an obvious statement but the primary difference is that during the off season you are able to drive your own car anywhere in the park where there is a paved road.  During the high season your driving privileges in the park are restricted.  (more…)

Packing tips – apparel

As I prepare for my trip to California (and let me tell you I have been like a 4 year old waiting for Santa Claus as this trip draws near), I am working on my packing checklist.  I have been on too many trips where I realize too late that I forgot something I had intended to pack.  To help reduce the occurrence of those “I can’t believe I forgot to pack…” moments I have started to compile lists ahead of time.  (more…)

Managing Jet Lag

I’ve collected a series of tips for how to cure or at least manage the symptoms of jet lag. I’ll be giving some of these a try myself when I make my trip out to San Francisco next month, I’ll be three hours behind my usual time zone. (more…)

Vacation Planning

In about a month I’ll be taking a trip to the San Francisco Bay area.  For me, this has been the most difficult vacation to plan to date (it’s also the first time I get to see the Pacific!).  There is simply so much to do and we only have a week to squeeze in the sites.  I don’t like to plan every minute of my vacations because they are supposed to be a time for exploration and relaxation.  (more…)

Packing Tips – Toiletries

I highly recommend going to Target, Wal-Mart, Meijer, whatever your store of choice is and check out their travel toiletry section. There is a chance you will come across at least one of your favorite brands in travel size. They generally run right around $1 per item and are all at or under the maximum allowed in your carry-on luggage. (more…)