By the time I was 3 months old, I already traveled through 4 States and our Nation’s Capitol! Mom and Dad wanted to go to DC to support their photographer friend from Hawaii, Bruce Omori of Extreme Exposure. He won a place in the Nature’s Best Photography Exhibition (if you’d like to learn more about the Exhibition, you can check out this link: Nature’s Best Photography). I traveled well, so they say. I couldn’t see anything except for the inside of the car so there wasn’t much to do but sleep.

We stayed at an AirBNB right off of Logan Circle so the circle became my little playground during our visit. I LOVE leaves and there were plenty for me to play with! I met a few friends who get to visit this little park every day. After awhile though it got a bit mundane and I was ready to explore more of the city. We had a very sweet Uber driver pick us up who was thankfully a dog lover. Next trip out there I’ll be too big for such things. There should be a button on Uber for dog friendly rides!

Off we went to explore the National Mall. It was largely under construction so there wasn’t much space to just sit and take in the scenery, but I did still get to see several monuments. I started, of course, with the Washington Monument. Looked a little like one of the no-hide chews I love so much but WAY bigger. We continued on our way past the reflection pool, which I have to say, I really wanted to dive into, and on down to the Lincoln Memorial. After a snack, we started back and took a detour to see the Vietnam Wall.

Needless to say, I was worn out! I think I met about 100 new people who all thought I was too cute to pass by without saying hello. Good thing I can’t sign autographs! I did have a request for a selfie though, which I obliged. Looking forward to whatever Mom and Dad cook up for me next!

Passed out on the ride home

Passed out on the ride home