I’ve collected a series of tips for how to cure or at least manage the symptoms of jet lag. I’ll be giving some of these a try myself when I make my trip out to San Francisco next month, I’ll be three hours behind my usual time zone.

The number one tip I have heard from several friends is to set your watch to local time immediately (luckily cell phones will automatically change for you). I have seen this supported in several websites on the topic. Coinciding with adjusting your watch, make sure you begin to follow the time table of the location you are in from the moment you land. If you land at 5PM local time for example, check in to your hotel and go find dinner; after dinner keep yourself occupied until it is time for bed. Wake up the following morning at a reasonable hour and enjoy your destination.

The next thing you can do is in part obvious, don’t drink alcohol or caffeine on your flight. Stick to water. Flight attendants swear by this remedy. Also, eat light meals the day before and the day of your departure.

There is a supplement called Melatonin that you can buy over the counter. Melatonin is a hormone our bodies secrete to regulate our internal body clock. Please read all warning labels, follow the dosage instructions on the package, and consider consulting your doctor before taking any supplements to make sure there will not be a reaction with any of your current medications or health conditions. I am not a medical expert so please do your own research on this supplement, this is just a tip I’ve learned from friends and research on the internet.

The first day or two if you are tired in the middle of the day, fight the urge to take a nap. Your best bet is to push through the day, make sure you are well hydrated, and turn in a little earlier than usual at bedtime. If you are having the opposite problem, consider using something like a lavender scented pillow mist or drink caffeine free chamomile tea before resorting to other sleep aids.

What are your tried and true jet lag remedies?