St Maarten is an island nation ruled by the Netherlands (to the South) and France (to the North).  I’ve only had the occasion to visit this island as a cruise stop so far but this is an island I have on my list to visit for a longer stay.  When visiting as a port of call on a cruise you will find yourself in Philipsburg, the largest city on the Dutch (Netherlands) side.  The island itself from what little I’ve seen is beautiful, the people are friendly, and the shopping is great.  I haven’t ventured to the French side but I hear the beaches on the northern side are pristine and peaceful so I plan to get there eventually.

Why have I not ventured to see more of the island?  I can’t get enough of the America’s Cup Yacht Racing.  It is SO much fun!  I’ve been to St Maarten twice and took part in this venture both times (and my team won both times I might add ;)).  You will sail on one of five boats that have raced in the America’s Cup and you will run an abbreviated version of the actual course.  A team of about 3 will navigate and direct each crew.  You’ll get full instruction before the boat leaves the doc as to what your specific job function is.  They’ll also give you a bit of history about the race and boats.

I picked up crew t-shirts for each of my races but they are starting to wear out…I think it’s time for another trip. 🙂