Staycation in Ohio

As much as I love to travel the country and the world (and long to move to a warmer climate) there are so many different things to enjoy in Ohio. It is beyond time for the flyover mentality to be extinguished. Ohio has everything from lakes and rivers to mountains and prairie land to the 15th largest city in the country and tiny towns of less than 1000. (more…)

Port Angeles, Washington (part 6 of …6?)

If you are a fan of throw back flavors of soda pop, you must keep your eyes peeled for Bedford’s Sodas.  The creation of a Port Angeles local, you may be hard pressed to find any outside of Port Angeles though it appears since my visit that they have increased their distribution.  Bedford’s offers root beer, ginger beer, ginger ale, vanilla creme soda, and orange creme soda.

Port Angeles, Washington (part 5 of …6?)

We stopped at Toga’s Soup House for some sandwiches to take up to Hurricane Ridge and were only sorry that we waited until our last day to make a stop at Toga’s.  I’m also sorry that it isn’t closer to home!  Toga’s Soup House is owned and operated by an incredibly warm and friendly husband and wife team.  They offer a yummy selection of soups, salads, and sandwiches.  Assorted beverages, chips and the best part…made-in-house-daily soft pretzels.  Toga’s is an upscale deli and seems to be a favorite of visitors and locals alike.  It certainly is a favorite of mine!


Growing up in Southwestern Ohio, it seemed like a nearly weekly occurrence to venture into a neighboring State.  It blew my mind when I moved to the middle of the State and met people who hadn’t crossed the State border until much later in life or not at all in some cases.  I also finally understood why so many people said Ohio is flat and nothing but corn fields!   (more…)