Not so Bright and Early

Bright and early on a recent Saturday morning, my aunt and I boarded a plane for West Palm Beach, Florida. Ok, so maybe it wasn’t so bright but that’s only because it was so early! 4am to be specific. It’s tough extracting yourself from bed when the sun hasn’t even plucked itself over the horizon yet. The promise of waves crashing on the shore was a pretty darn good motivator, as was the knowledge I would soon get to see my other aunt, uncle, and cousins who call Florida home these days. (more…)

Pipiwai Trail

Maui offers a few hidden gems. One of my favorites is the Pipiwai Trail tucked away along the Hana Highway. Many visitors turn around in Hana, but I urge you to continue to the trail head about 10 miles farther down the road. Here you will find a large parking lot, restrooms, and a Ranger Station since this trail is part of Haleakalā National Park. (more…)

Top 10 Pet Peeves of Air Travel

1. THAT GUY  You know the one. He talks on his phone loudly enough for the entire terminal to hear every word. Completely self absorbed in his conversation (usually work related – I bet his company loves their business shouted for all to hear) so much so that he doesn’t notice the dirty looks and snide comments from his fellow travelers. Or maybe his ego is just too big to care. (more…)

Awesome RV Rental

We recently had the most amazing experience renting an RV from! These guys absolutely excel at customer service. The core of their business is renting RVs for Penn State home games.  As a Buckeye, it was a bit difficult to choke down being inside an RV with Nittany Lions on it, but I made do. 🙂 (more…)